Some Shady Homework

Some of our children have made some suspiciously shady homework…  we have been enjoying many a shadow puppet show.

Have a look at these!



Jake’s superman stopping a robber.


Lucas’ hooting owl.


Darcy’s Christmas production.


Edyth’s strangled puppet show (her words!).


Callum’s Brilliant Bat Show (with light and sound effects).


Isabelle’s Christmas Story!



Ewan’s Dragonball Z Show!

What do you think?

Isabelle’s Lightbulb Cake

We were all amazed when Isabelle arrived to school today with a cake.  “What could it be?” we wondered.  Carefully opening the tin foil, we all gasped in awe as we realised she had made a LIGHTBULB CAKE!  What a fabulous piece of homework!


In case you haven’t realised, cake is the way to our hearts!


Thank you, Isabelle.



Our Urban Studies ‘Roman Day’ Trip

On Thursday 20th October, we went on an exciting trip for our ‘Fabulous Finish’ to our topic.


Have a look at some photos:

IMG_0924[1]IMG_0925[1]IMG_0927[1]IMG_0929[1]IMG_0932[1] IMG_0981[1]IMG_0934[1]IMG_0939[1]IMG_0940[1]IMG_0943[1]IMG_0944[1]IMG_0946[1]IMG_0949[1]IMG_0973[1]IMG_0956[1]IMG_0955[1]

The Blog of the Cake

Today, Darcy surprised us all! We couldn’t believe our eyes… how could a Roman Numeral clock become a cake?! Believe it or not, Darcy made the impossible possible. Have a look at her homework…

image image

Grace’s Minature Beach

Grace brought in a beautiful bottle filled with sand and shells. This was something she decided to make all on her own, at home. We were really amazed with how beautiful it was and how much effort she had put in. What do you think?


Spelling Challenge!

Your challenge is to PROVE that you can spell each day of the week.  Comment on this page, or send in a note, proving that you can spell the weekdays.  If you can do it, you will get 3 team points!


Here we are… our first class blog!

We are so excited to be creating this blog together as a class, with both our children and the adults who work with them.

So, here are some questions for our children to respond to:

  1.  What have you enjoyed so far this term?
  2.  What are you looking forward to?
  3.  What would you like to learn about?